About Us

Átlátszó Vajdaság aims to produce and publish quality media content. Our portal does not seek to compete in terms of news volume, speed, and clicks, but to shed light on facts and contexts previously unknown to the public.

We firmly believe that a democratic society is not a default model, but a malleable concept that we must make responsible choices to maintain and demand the same from others – especially those who act on behalf of the public.

Our editorial team will therefore endeavor to provide full information on issues of public interest – the actions taken on behalf of the public, the investments, and other expenditures financed with public money – and to present a more transparent picture of our public life through factual analysis and reporting. In doing so, we help our readers to form their opinions based on multiple perspectives, regain their trust in the public, and dare to exercise their democratic rights.

We believe that the Hungarian national community in Vojvodina is in particular need of this kind of activity, given the limited Hungarian media space in Vojvodina, the lack of in-depth investigative journalism of the kind needed to shape public opinion, the overworked journalists, and the constant struggle for survival. We believe that it is crucial to approach the issues affecting Hungarians in Vojvodina with due sensitivity, which at the same time must not be an ostrich policy in the face of abuses committed by or against Hungarians in Vojvodina.

The Átlátszó Vajdaság joins the professional community of the Átlátszó and Átlátszó Erdély investigative journalism portals and accepts the professional and ethical guidelines of the newsrooms, which it will follow in its work  – in accordance with the Law on Public Information in Serbia and the Code of Journalists of Serbia.

You can find our Impressum here. You can find our Impressum here. If you would like to contact us, please don’t hesitate to use these contact details.