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Do you know a story of public interest that has not yet been published? Tell us about it!

In particular, we want to hear stories about misuse or irresponsible use of public funds, abuse of power, position or influence, or failure to carry out official duties.

In a text message, describe your story and who is involved, and include any information, data or other evidence you have. The editors will investigate the issue raised and verify the information. If the editors believe the story is of public interest and the background is credible, we will publish the story.

The newsroom will never pay or accept money for information, nor will it support any interest group in its work.

Protecting sources is one of our core principles, and we keep the identity of informants confidential in our work.

We welcome submissions to [email protected], but if you would like us to provide you with high-security communications, please use one of the contact details below:

Signal – the app uses end-to-end encryption, is available on mobile phones and desktops, and can be downloaded for free here and here. You can register with the app using your phone number and contact us at +381 65 9499914.

Proton Mail – create a secure email address. The account service is free and discreet. You can sign up here and send us a message at [email protected].

Remember the general security rules:

  • Stop using the same username and password for multiple accounts. You can use a password management application such as LastPass, which you can download here;
  • Always log out of the application when you end your session;
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible;
  • Be aware of your device’s default settings, such as locked screen security.